About the Azerbaijan Online e-Visa

The Azerbaijan Online e-Visa is an electronic visa for travelers to Azerbaijan, issued via an online application system. It was introduced in 2013 to facilitate visa processing for foreigners wishing to enter Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days.

The Azerbaijan e-Visa, also known as the ASAN visa, can be obtained by completing the online application with personal information, travel details, passport data and some security questions before requiring payment via credit or debit card. The approved e-Visa for Azerbaijan is then sent to the applicant’s e-mail address within 1 business day(s), and in some cases up to 3 business day(s).

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Azerbaijan e-Visa Conditions

The following important information relates to the e-Visa for the Republic of Azerbaijan, available for eligible foreign nationals to request online:

Terms of Eligibility for Azerbaijan e-Visa

To visit Azerbaijan with the e-Visa, foreign nationals must meet the following requirements:

Additional Information about the Azerbaijan Online e-Visa

List of countries eligible to apply for an online e-Visa for Azerbaijan

Foreign citizens from the following countries and territories are eligible to apply for an e-Visa to travel to Azerbaijan:

Foreign nationals holding a valid passport from this list of eligible countries can apply for an Azerbaijan e-Visa online here.

Additional evidence requirements:

In addition to the personal information and travel details for each applicant, the applicant might need to provide the following documents to support the application:

The applicant can submit this information at a later date. It is not necessary to provide this document at the moment of application.

Requirements to enter Azerbaijan

In order to facilitate entry into Azerbaijan, it is imperative that all eligible foreign nationals present the following upon arrival:

  1. A printout of their approved Azerbaijan e-Visa;
  2. A passport valid for at least six (6) months from the arrival date in Azerbaijan.

Entry Ports for Azerbaijan

Travelers holding an Azerbaijan e-Visa may enter into the country through all air, sea and land ports.

Check Status for Azerbaijan e-Visa Application

Once the applicant has submitted his/her online application, all e-Visa notifications and updates will be sent via email.

The approved e-Visa will also be emailed to the applicant within 1 business day(s), however some may take longer to process, up to 3 business day(s) upon submission of a complete application.

To check the status of a completed online Azerbaijan e-Visa application, please click here.

Online e-Visa Application for the Republic of Azerbaijan

In order to complete and submit an online application for an e-Visa to Azerbaijan, candidates must have a valid passport, email address and a credit or debit card.

Please note that sensitive biographical information - such as first and last names, place and date of birth, address, sex, passport number and nationality - must appear exactly as they do on the applicant’s passport.

All eligible applicants can click here to submit their Azerbaijan e-Visa application online.